Date : May 16th, 2014
Venue: Centerpoint Studio Thailand Sukhumvit 105 (Soi Lasalle)
Capacity: 3,000 Peoples

Show Time : 8.00 P.M.

Ticket Price : 2,000 Baht
Ticket Purchase : PMG & Thai Ticket Major

What started out as a youngsters’ combo in 1993 struck the worldwide music scene in 1997 with a debut that truly lived up to its name – “Something Wild”. From then on, the evolution of Finnish five-piece CHILDREN OF BODOM has grown into one huge success story, unmatched by any other up-and-coming Scandinavian metal export to date. Followed up by 1999’s “Hatebreeder” and the Millennium release “Follow The Reaper”, COB’s first three albums on Nuclear Blast Records set new standards in the field of brutal and fast but yet highly melodic heavy music, especially impressing with front man Alexi Laiho’s incredible versatility and jaw-dropping skills, who’s been elected “best metal guitarist” by the readers of renowned “Guitar World” magazin in the past, among countless other decorations. Four more smash records – namely “Hate Crew Deathroll” (2003), “Are You Dead Yet?” (2005), “Blooddrunk” (2008) and “Relentless Reckless Forever” (2011) – gradually let more modern influences flow into the Finn’s style, without ever neglecting their trademark mixture of rough vocals, shredding riff attacks and catchy keys. A formula for success that led to consecutive #1 chart entries in Finland for their last four records as well as to gold status for their entire discography. Moreover, CHILDREN OF BODOM have made the world’s biggest stages their second home over the years, playing the most important festivals such as the Wacken:Open:Air, Hellfest, Graspop, Loud Park Festival and Bloodstock on a regular basis and attaining a tremendous following all around the globe.

2013 sees the Hate Crew returning home to Nuclear Blast with the 8th studio album of their career. Recorded and produced by the band in their in-house studio in Helsinki as well as in Petrax Studio, Hollola, with support from Peter T?gtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN), “Halo Of Blood” distinctly seizes on the early works’ sense of melody and coarseness, while putting it all into a modern-day soundscape and venturing quite a few new steps, such as presenting both the band’s fastest and slowest song ever. Mastermind Alexi Laiho states: “Believe it or not, but we’ve managed to keep it fresh and new while still maintaining the elements that make COB’s sound recognizable. Lyric-wise, `Halo Of Blood? comprises topics we’ve never dealt with before.” Rounded off by a classic COB cover artwork created by Sami Saram?ki, “Halo Of Blood” bares the band’s roots and lets them sprout into 10 timeless anthems of sheer magnificence. As Laiho promises: “Whether you enjoy it with a beer or a glass of water, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!” Obey the reaper!

Children Of Bodom are:

Jaska Raatikainen (drums) – Alexi Laiho (guitar & vocals) – Roope Latvala (guitar) – Henkka Blacksmith (bass) – Janne Warman (keyboards)


  COB_II 0005 COB_II 0010 COB_II 0014 COB_II 0027 COB_II 0045 COB_II 0053 COB_II 0105 COB_II 0252 COB_II 0256 COB_II 0392 COB_II 0404 COB_II 0437 COB_II 0465 COB_II 0469 COB_II 0495 COB_II 0496 COB_II 0503 COB_II 0507 COB_II 0527 COB_II 0531 COB_II 0555 COB_II 0562 COB_II 0576 COB_II 0579 COB_II 0587 COB_II 0593 COB_II 0601 COB_II 0604 DSA_1660 DSA_1672 DSA_1674 DSA_1689 DSA_1696 DSA_1713 DSA_1725 DSA_1743 DSA_1755 DSA_1760 DSA_1778 DSA_1797 DSA_1803 DSA_1833 DSA_1835 DSA_1841 DSA_1863 DSA_1868 DSA_1893 DSA_1898 DSA_1911 DSA_1923 DSA_1929 DSA_1944 DSA_1972 DSA_1984 DSA_1990 DSA_1994 DSA_2013 DSA_2020 DSA_2032 DSA_2055 DSA_2061 DSA_2069 DSA_2073 DSA_2086 DSA_2097 DSA_2127 DSA_2145 DSA_2235 DSA_2241 DSA_2250