Dragon Force Live In Bangkok

Dragon Force Live In Bangkok   




Date : May 25, 2007
Venue: SCB Park
Capacity: 1,500 Peoples
Show Time : 8.30 P.M.
Ticket Price : 1,000 Baht
Ticket Purchase : PMG & Thai Ticket Major


It’s astonishing to realise that DragonForce now have a history going back 15 years, and that they’re about to release their sixth album. But such is the pace at which music and life move these days that what was seemingly a highly promising young British metal band just yesterday are now an established full force (ahem) on the scene. In fact, their reputation is such that anything new from this lot is regarded as a landmark moment in the ongoing story of metal. But the new DragonForce album is a revelation, one that will surely entice them to another level of achievement.


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