Megadeth Live In Bangkok 2007

Overdrive presents Megadeth Live In Bangkok



Date : October 23th, 2007
Promoter: Prart Music Group Co.,Ltd.
Venue : Bangkok Hall
Capacity : 3,000 peoples
This is Megadeth concert in Thailand. In Bangkok Hall, it had the majority of Thai and foreign people. Megadeth is a Legend of World Thrash Metal Band .

The band members are :
Dave Mustaine : Lead Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Glen Drover : Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Shawn Drover : Drum
James Lomenzo : Bass


Megadeth got a warm welcome from their big fan in Bangkok when they came up the stage. Megadeth opened their concert with a song from their new album “United Abominations” Then they followed by a song that you knew well such as Wake Up Dead,Symphony of Destruction, Hanger 18 ,until the last song encore “Holy Wars”.In this concert, they handled all audiences with their their distinctive guitar style, involving complex, intricate musical passages, and trade off guitar solos, Mustaine’s original “snarling” vocal style and their lyrical themes involving politics, war, addiction, and personal relationships.

Thailand has many fans of Megadeth and Thai fans want to see their performance very much.So Megadeth came to Thailand to promote their new album “United Abominations” on October 23th, 2007. Thai fans crowded in Bangkok Hall and have fun together.


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